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Norveç , Oslo !

Even though I am satisfied of green as born in Camlihemsin (Rize-A city of Turkey), I was always wondering about Norway :)). Iceland was the only country at north I had the opportunity to travel and being close to Norway.

We had decided to plan our Norway trip as of Oslo in July for the reason that Iceland has similar weather conditions with Norway located in the east of Iceland. We started to plan our approximately10-day-trip before one and half month of it. We had a lot of information about Norway: Being well of national income; posessing International and European fishing sector, amazing nature and water sources; richness of oil reserves and as a result of these factors their nonvoting of involving in the European Union; and Fjords etc. :)).

We got to work on buying flight ticket, the most important part of the foreign holiday. We bought our round-trip ticket from Pegasus Airlines, departure from Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport and arrival to Oslo Gardermoen Airport, very economically(480 Turkish Lira per person). We thought the reason of cheapness of the Norway tickets is its expensiveness and cold and gloomy weather, due to this, people do not prefer to go on summer holidays. The only thing we really knew was the expensiveness of Norway. It was the common thing said by our blogger friends and the others visited Norway :)).

The most important part of our Norway trip was undoubtedly Trolltunga. Trolltunga is almostly imagined by everyone to climb excitingly and situated at the top of Fjords and this trecking way was the most important part of our trip :). To sum-up our plan basically

  • Accomodation for one and half day in Oslo. Flight from Oslo to Bergen.

  • After 2-day-tour in Bergen, arrival to Jundal in order to see Trolltunga.

  • After accommodating for 2 days in Jundal, arrival to Aalesund in north by sight of Utne Eidfjord Vossavangen Sognefjord Geiranger Fjords.

  • Accomodation for one day in Aalesund,

After staying 1 day in our last accommodation stop at north, Troeindham by passing Atlantic Road and returning back to Bergen to leave the car, we would have completed our 11-day-trip after arriving to Oslo via Bergen-Oslo train.


The car we had rented was the essential point of our trip while planning. We had rented our car for 9 days at affordable price as per Norway conditions from Avis.

Since Airbnb did not offer efficient residence options at some locations, we had completed the location part of our trip by using Booking Hotels as well as Airbnb which we had frequently used during our trip. Hereafter, there had been fine details.

Due to the cold weather of Norway, we gave priority to prepare our clothes and equipments. A pair of useful and good trecking shoe, a pair of auxiliary walking shoe, trousers that can transform in shorts and can easily get dry are indispensable for the trip. It is important to take for a thick jersey and polar :)

In my opinion, the most important planning part of a trip is baggage. I still can not improve myself in this regard. Sometimes, taking along much clothes would be advantageous, it forces me a lot. The lighter you are, the more comfortable you are :)).


We arrived to Oslo, capital and the biggest city of Norway, after a pleasant journey of 3.5 hours. After completed visa and passport control, we bought the train tickets and departed towards our hotel located in the center. The train from Oslo city center to Norway's Gardermoen Airport takes about 20 minutes. You can go by taxi or bus but we preferred traion because of its comfort and speed :)). By the way, train ticket costs approximately 140 Norwegian Kroner, corresponding about to 55-60 Turkish Lira.

We could quickly check in our hotel that we had reserved on since location of the hotel was central. Free service of bicycle of our hotel put us in a more pleasant mood. We started cycling around the city without loss of time. Our first stop is Oslo Opera House!
Oslo Opera House is the most remarkable monument in Oslo :)). Project of the monument won a big prize in the field of cultural architecture in the World Architecture Festival in Barcelona. Almost every side of this building, which can accommodate 1900 person, is covered with marble and inside of the building is immaculate :)). By the way, enterance to the Opera House is free. We’re so lucky that the weather is wonderful on our first day of trip :)). After visited Oslo Opera House, we had taken a rest outside the building by taking the advantage of sun.

The architecture of Opera House’s interior part is magnificent! Wood is preferred especially for adding charming. Because of the limited time we had to leave this building where we can’t help ourself taking picture.

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